The Welcoming Club is pleased to announce 
Bethany House
as the 2021-2022 charity

For 40 years, Bethany House has grown and adapted to the changing needs of the homeless community here in Nassau County. However, the need for emergency and transitional housing and services for families has never been so great as at the present time. Due to the economy, Bethany has been called upon to open its doors wider in response to the pressing needs of homeless families. In the past 3 years, we have grown more than 400%, from a bed capacity of 17 to that of 85 nightly. 

Bethany House is a nonprofit agency founded in 1978 in response to a growing need for emergency shelter and services for women and children caught in the homelessness crisis. Bethany House of Nassau County was incorporated in 1987 and had developed a full, energetic Board of Directors by early in 1990. Our Mission is defined by a call to provide a concrete response to the belief that every individual needs and deserves to have adequate food, clothing, shelter and safety. In addition, these resources should be provided in nurturing and sustaining environment.

What is it that makes Bethany “the place to come when there’s no place to go?” Once you experience the loving concern of our staff, you know Bethany’s sense of peace and well-being that softens the most hardened heart and revitalizes the most exhausted spirit. As one of our guests put it, “There is a presence in this house that reaches out and encircles you with its energy and strength - most say it is irresistible; all say it is from God.”

Since our beginnings, the CROCUS has been the symbol of Bethany House because this brave little flower breaks through cold, hard ground as it dares to push all obstacles aside and clears new ground for growth. This has been Bethany’s history as well, and the crocus has come to stand for the determination, strength, and quiet resiliency of Bethany’s spirit.