Registration is Now Open!

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Step #1 - Register for the event!

Step #2 - Order your T-Shirt!



Miles for Meals will be a 2-week event that will run from Monday, April 5th - Sunday, April 18th. 

You can choose to walk, run or cycle during this timeframe - indoors, outdoors, own your own, with a friend, etc. 

The goal for adults is to complete 20 miles over the 2 week period.

Children ages 7 and over are invited to participate as well and their goal is 10 miles. 

As this is a "Fun Run," no worries if you can't reach the goal - the important thing is that you gave it your all and made physical fitness a priority, while supporting an amazing cause. This event is open to both members and

non-members so please feel free to spread the word to family & friends!


As we all know, we are still living through a difficult time surrounding COVID. Our goal is to finish the fun run

(the last few miles) together on Sunday, April 18th in-person for anyone who is interested. This will of course depend on the weather so we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Please note that participating in-person is 100% optional. 


Once you've registered for the event above, you will receive a registration confirmation email. On it, there

will be a "MANAGE YOUR REGISTRATION" button, which you will click on everyday to submit your results for running/walking/cycling.


After registering, don't forget to order your t-shirt above from Sport Loft. There are both adult and children's

sizes available. All shirts are $10. They will be ready for pickup by mid-late March, so you have them all ready

to wear during your event. Shipping is also available for an additional charge if you're interested.

Oh... and one more thing... seeing as this is a "Fun Run" we're going to be giving away some PRIZES too! Here's how you can win.


- There will be 1 Adult winner. To enter, please post a selfie of yourself in your "Miles for Meals" t-shirt. You do not have to post it on the Welcoming Club Facebook page, but rather on your personal page. You can post it anytime from the day you receive your t-shirt until the end of the event, April 18th (11:59 PM EST). Entries will be limited to 1 per person. And don't forget... when posting, be sure to use the hashtag #GCWCMilesforMeals in order to enter.

- There will be 1 Child winner. To enter, use your creativity to make your very own Finish Line poster! Imagine you're at the finish line of a race, what would you want those who are running, walking and cycling past you to see? Bright colors? Encouraging words like "Great Job!" "You Can Do It!" Go crazy... wherever your imagination takes you. If we meet in person on April 18th, we would love for you to be there with your posters, however, that is 100% optional. To officially enter, create your poster (any size poster will do), and then have your parent take a photo of you with your poster and email it to with the subject line "Miles for Meals Finish Line Poster" Entries will be limited to 1 per child.

- On Wednesday, April 21st, our 2 winners will be announced on our Garden City Welcoming Club facebook page. They will also receive an email notifying them that they've won. And what are they going to win, you may be asking??? It's a surprise!