a message from the president of the garden city welcoming club

Where are you from? This is a common question asked when

you share that you have recently moved. For most people it’s a

pretty straight forward answer, I however have a little more

complicated answer.  I was born in Western Massachusetts and

then moved to Missouri in high school. After our first son was

born, we moved to Nevada and then to South Alabama and

then landed in Garden City three years ago.  Each move

presented unique opportunities and the possibility to meet new


However, it wasn’t until I moved to Garden City that I met

people who were taking time out of their busy schedule to

help others find their way in a new town. The Welcoming Club

of Garden City offers so many amazing opportunities to its

residents. For those who have newly moved to Garden City,

it offers an opportunity to meet new and established residents

through fun events and clubs. To those who are established in

Garden City, it provides fun experiences to participate in with friends, spouses and children.  For those who were raised in Garden City, it enables you to carry on the tradition of being a member of the Welcome Wagon like your mother was during your childhood. The Welcoming Club of Garden City is rooted in an over 50 year history of welcoming new neighbors into town while raising monies for a selected charity. I am more than thrilled to be playing a part in this amazing organization this coming year as its president.

Along with building friendships and attending amazing social events, we will be raising monies for the

Families in Crisis Fund through the Long Island Doula Association.  The Families in Crisis Fund provides Childbirth Education, Labor Support, Lactation Support and Postpartum Care for teen moms, single moms, women who have their partners deployed and low income families. The majority of the Families in Crisis women would be transitioning to parenthood by themselves if it wasn’t for the support provided for them through this fund. I am so excited for this upcoming year where we will welcome new neighbors, strengthen friendships and raise monies to enrich women and children in our surrounding area.

Janalyn Pomeroy